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Where is your warehouse located?

We are in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  However I do not currently have a store for visiting.

Do you not carry machines anymore?

I am afraid I currently do not stock or sell any of the mills or lathes I had in the past.  Due to low demand, a bad economy and problems with the manufacturers, it was no longer feasable for me to import those machines.


Do you ship to the USA?

Yes we do.


Will you ever sell any of your machines again?

Currently I have no plans to sell hobby sized Chinese mills or lathes in the forseeable future..  I do however still plan on making the MD001-CNC machine available in the near future.


Do you still sell the MD001 (IH Clone) machine?

No, I do not carry any of the machines anymore.


Will you still be offering a CNC kit for the MD001?

Yes, it is currently in development.  Check back regularly for updates.