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GMT FM10 - 200 High Productivity Facemills

GMT FM10 - 200 High Productivity Facemills

For high feed machining with low cutting depths, the Glacern FM10 Facemill is a very productive roughing tool to use when metal removal is the highest priority. The 10-degree cutting angle allows the operator to enter the cut with extreme feedrates, directing the cutting forces in the axial direction. This provides a stable cutting situation with no added vibration tendency. 

This cutter excells when using high speed machining strategies, employing high table feed and the chip thinning effect, resulting in high productivity. If you have applications with long or weak setups, this cutter's lower vibration can also be advantageous. The nickel-plated Glacern FM10 has a variety of purposes including face milling, hole making using three axes, ramping, plunge milling, and boring. 

Made of premium alloy steel and hardened to 35HRC. Screws are included, and replacement screws are available.

Compatible with XDLT090408 inserts in general purpose (SP6519) or aluminum (GH2). Inserts sold separately.


  • 10-degree face milling cutter
  • Heavy roughing and rapid material removal
  • Chip thinning and low vibration cutting
  • Face milling applications in all types of materials
  • Diameter range 50.0 mm (2.000 inch)
  • Electroless Nickel Plated Finish
  • Compatible with XDLT090408 inserts


Model Cut Dia Bore Flutes Weight
FM10-200 50mm 1.000" 4 1.5 lbs


Facemill Holder Compatibility
Model Holder
FM10-200 CAT40-FM100-175, R8-FM100, BT30-FM100-175B, BT40-FM100-175B, NT40-FM100B
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: 210.09 CAD (149.99 USD)
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GSV-690 6" Standard CNC Vise GSV-440 4" Standard CNC Vise 4 Axis CNC Milling Controller CNC9640
600.89 CAD
488.84 CAD
1400.68 CAD
GSV-550 5" Standard CNC Vise GPV-412 4" Premium CNC Vise GPV-615 6" Premium CNC Vise
530.86 CAD
839.01 CAD
881.03 CAD
Slim plus V2 VI plus V2 Save Plus V2
684.25 CAD
751.48 CAD
499.52 CAD

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